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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 1, 2012 11:00pm-11:50pm EDT

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work out. remember, he was the hot wide receiver recruit last year. him with matt barkley last season thinking they've got to get this kid ready to go and he's merged as the guy? george farmer when you see him work out, you think secretariat. >> gus: he is big and strong. >> charles: big, strong, he's 215 pounds. and he can go. >> gus: here's wittek. and wittek completing this. victor blackwell, a freshman from cerritos, also a modern day product. we're going to have to one day go see him. >> charles: bruce, the coach there, has done an amazing job. he's another modern day guy right next to him, holmes, the center, who played guard at modern day and was right guard a couple of seasons ago and now holds down
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center spot. he and matt barkley have been teammates for a good number of years. >> gus: hand-off, t.j. morgan. erin andrews busy in the studio. let'oin her once again for game break. how about the freshmen anthony thomas? the ducks are up. gus, i know you're loving what oregon is wearing right now. those flashy, flashy unis. >> gus: a little loud for me but i'll take it. anthony thomas recently committed to usc but he took a last-minute trip to oregon and came back wearing a bunch of oregon paraphernalia and lane kiffin said, think we lost him. >> charles: and they did. >> gus: what a season as he starts his sophomore campaign.
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>> charles: how about that rose bowl. all of a sudden, whoosh, it was gone. he has that game-breaking ability, obviously rivals what usc has. >> gus: third down and one at the 29. wittek in for matt barkley. >> charles: so many different formations all the way there. >> gus: a time-out called by sc. >> referee: time-out, usc, full time-out. >> gus: 5:31 to go in the fourth quarter, 49:10. max wittek, his first completion. at usc. alright, yand... flip!in? whoa! did you get that? yep, look at this. it takes like 20 pictures at a time. i never miss anything. isn't that awesome? uh that's really cool. you should upload these. i know, right? that is really amazing. pictures are so clear.
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gf and welcome back. introducing the ups performance. it looks at the efficiency of the offense, defense, special teams and miss yoous to find their competitive advantage. check out the ups index for a look at the log is ticks behind a winning team. a hand-off. d.j. morgan. third string running back. lane kiffin has pulled out his main guys and put in his backups to allow them to gain experience. >> charles: but he hasn't allowed them to run in with max wittek on the field. you can't run him in without giving him experience and not throw it.
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the kid's got to run it up. he may throw it here for the first down. >> gus: they need two yards and he's rolling out. does throw it and he mpletes. agua lore takeen down by max edwards. one thing he loves about max wittek, he loves his arm strength and size. 6'4", 235-pound freshman, so he's bag boy. >> charles: remember, he's a redshirt freshman. when he got to campus, 205, 210. now that's a lot of man getting into that uniform. prototypical looking guy if you're thinking about next level. >> gus: wittek through for 2,000 yards his senior year in high school. 16 touchdowns, modern day. remember, modern day is the kind of school that has produced some
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terrific quarterbacks. todd more envich. >> charles: he's wearing his number. >> gus: that's right. matt leinart as well, a heisman trophy winner and now matt barkley. and who knows. >> charles: if i'm not mistaken, the coach played here himself. >> gus: the high school that's committed to the pro-style offense. >> charles: no wavering. not a lot of gun stuff, no wildcat. i said very limited if at all. >> gus: wittek, back. terrific pursuit. go, yap. >> charles: he's played hard all night. >> gus: you know, i think this hawaii team has played hard. they're going to go back and be obviously upset about what they have seen but i doan think they're going to be upset about the overall effort. >> charles: that only bodes well for them as
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they try to rebuild the program. >> gus: coach chow, a lovely person to be around. so inspirational. positive. at the same time, his players have to conduct their business in a certain way and he makes sure they live up to it. four years as the offensive coordinator under coach carroll and take a look at this. >> charles: okay. there's coach chow. hob about this? lane kiffin. ed, the former head coach at ole miss. how about that for a staff. >> gus: coach kiffin said he learned a lot from coach chow, having had a chance to spend time with him. fourth down and 18. here's the pitch. morgan makes a tackle. with running room.
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and morgan gets close to the 15. they did not get the first down. a 16-yard gain, so usc turns the football over on down. 2:11 to play. back after this. [ male announcer ] the perfect photo... [ man ] nice! [ male announcer ] isn't always the one you plan to take. whoa, check it out. hey baby goat. no that's not yours... [ hikers whispering ] ...that's not yours. [ goat bleats ] na, na, na -- no! [ male announcer ] now you can take a photo right from video, so you'll never miss the perfect shot. [ hikers laughing, commenting ] >> gus: 49-10, s.c. as hawaii gets the football. and this is joey iosefa. hasn't had, as you mentioned, charles, as
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many carries as we thought. thing part of it is in the way it's gone. had his hand out early. couldn't go to him. a single bash, throwing himself in the defensive front in front of usc. >> gus: second down and 11. iosefa. gets to the 20. let's tak look at our reese's perfect play. a bunch of them today for s.c., but i think this one will stand out. >> charles: after hawaii's double-digit play they start the second half. marqise lee takes the initial kick-off of usc in the second half and brings it all the way back. he's only the second player in usc history with a 100-yard kick-off return. anthony davis did it twice. that was a tough game, notre dame, where they
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go down, what, 24-0 at the half. anthony davis went off. does the knee dances in the end zone when he scores. >> gus: the '72 championship season intact. >> charles: 24-0 or 24-6 at the half and usc came back in a monster rush. there you go, 72 teams. they're honoring so many different teams, so many different anniversaries. 19th anniversary, the first rose bowl team, right on down the line. >> gus: if you have a chance to go to heritage hall, folks, if you're in los angeles and you want to sight-see. go to harrison hall to look at all the heisman trophies and great busts of former usc players. just a wonderful, wonderful trip. don't forget, the fox
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saturday postgame report. a blowout. wolverines going down hard but matt barkley, big day. marqise lee, big day as well as usc opens up with a 49-10 win over hawaii. next week they'll travel to new york to take on syracuse in the meadowlands. 49-10, the final. southern california, the number one team in the nation starts off strong a coach chow and coach kiffin greet each other at midfield. number one team looking very strong. coming up on the at&t postgame show i'll be joined alongside eddie and joey. they'll give your comments and we've got the oregon ducks playing right now. we'll get you all caught up.
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next saturday fox saturday
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returns. 17th ranked nebraska corn huff kerrs takes on the bruins. coverage presented by geico begins next saturday at 7:00 eastern. welcome in to the at&t postgame. what a first game it was for the number one team in the nation. e.a., eddie, and joey. you guys will be here next week, won't you? >> i hope so. >> remember when brady hoke said he definitely wanted to play the national defending champions? careful what you wish for, my friend. here comes number two, alabama, mr. denard robinson. >> he had a rough day. picked off by moseley who returned it with 16 yards and a touchdown. bla alabama is up. the beatdown continues. >> it's not over. how about number three? >> they're going to need him as
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the season goes on. today, not too tough of game against north texas. finds them with a four-yard touchdown. >> tigers are getting a little warmed up. both of these tigers getting warmed up at the georgia dome. >> todd boyd to de-andry hopkins. let's good net look with the sweep. catch in the corner of the end zone. clemson wins, 26-19. >> here's the stylus portion of the show. the oregon ducks with their latest fashion. trip kelly not disappointed when he takes on arkansas saying i love these unis. >> making his first start. finds him in the back of the end zone. a thousand yards and two touchdowns. >> again, i love the fashion. bob stoops can't be hab with the way they started the game. >> guess who returns the favor, jones hit is his favorite
11:19 pm
target. a 68-yard touchdown. they're all tied up at utep. >> can you believe saturday is almost over? we just got here. what's the thing ta stahat stant for you today on the first day of football. >> oklahoma state, ohio state, alabama, they all look strong. there were no glaring weaknesses of the top teams. >> except michigan. you expect alabama, oregon, oklahoma is going to come back, west virginia, but i don't know if you expected michigan to get beat that badly. >> and that quickly. >> and that quickly. that is the thing. if you're in the top ten to start the season, you have to be pretty good. that surprised me how badly it got so quickly. >> i'll stick up for him. and, again, not a good start for the big ten. hey, l's talk about usc because everybody will be talking about them tomorrow.
11:20 pm
what stands out about them? >> listen. knocked the rust off. lane kitsffin said he was not happy with the offense. i think as the season goes on you're going to see a lot of fire power on the outside. usc looked phenomenal i thought tonight. >> lessons, lessons, lessons. everywhere you go, you've about got a weapon for usc. >> hey, speaking of weapons and offense, just out here out west eugene, oregon, so far the ducks looking pretty darn good pr darn quick too. so is it too early to hope for november 3rd? i'm ready for that matchup absolutely. hey, coming up on fox, your local news except on the west coast. next week, fox saturday baseball returns with three games. adrian gonzalez and the new look dodgers take on the rival giant in the battles. they battle the mets for the a.l. central leading white sox
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take on the royals. fox saturday baseball presented by mastercard returns next week at 3:30 eastern, 12:30 pacific. -- captions by vitac -- we can't wait to see you guys next saturday. please join us. for eddie and joey, i'm erin andrews, look forward to seeing you guys next saturday. óóóóóóóóóóóó practice crash
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airborne car carthe green flag. why the forced to make a last minute change to thee póóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó óóóóóóóóóóóó fox45 authenticates the world's largest crab cake. cake."i think its really huge &pand i'd love to have ittall." all." the record setting mass off maryland blue and old bay that set a guiness world record. óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó óóóóóóóóóóóó plus what do you do with 60 million dollars in texas? the new football cathedraa that college teams aren't allowed to play in. óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó 3
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&pgood evening, i'm karen parks jeff abell is off tonight. the baltimore grand prix has a brief history full of stops and starts both on and off the afternoon, race orggnizers hope to buuld the race's reputation into a truly international event. eveet. myranda stephenn is tracksi toniggt with a look at how the grand rix is impacting the city's economy. &peconomy.karen, while lastt year's grand prix was arguably aafinancial flop for the city... many local businesses saw a big boost from the race. and now they're hoping to have even more success... this second time around. 3 nats of restaurant!! at pratt street aae house... there was plenty of ale... nats of drinks? and a whole 24:27 so much fun really , !!!-
11:25 pm
really cool seeinggthese cars go by 31 the downtown restaurant and bar sits right aaong pratt street - a prime viewing location for this year's baltimore grand prix. rian meise/waiter 13:19 my customers have been from like new york and new hampssire. so peeple are i've had a few tables from the south 8 according to visit baltimore... last year's race drew an estimated 150-thousand visitoos... bringinn in an extra 47-millioo dollars to the city! and with those numbers... restaurant managers spent weeks preparing for thee increased business.from hiring additional staff.... olivia kestenburg/manager 1150 we definitely take on a little run the ouuside bars. usuully we're just ruuning ones inside unless it's a special occasion 59to buying loads of ear-plugs for customers.10:06 we want to make sure they know we care about them, weewant them to be able to enjoy the race and ppotect their ears too 12 so
11:26 pm
just anothee way to show our guests that we care about them 15and of course, they couldn't forget about their own workers... 14:53 you roll em up and you put them in your ear and i can stilllhear you talk but it takes out lot of the loud obnoxious noise that's going on outside laughs too....1411 i got a hotel room down heee so i don't have to go home every night since i'm working all weekend so i'm kinda like enjoying the race it's too arly to estimate this year's figures for the grand prix... but organizers are confident it will be a success. the race wraps up tomorrow. in downtown ten. race orranizers are forced into a last minute change after a driver goes airborne in practice over balttmore's bumpy stteets. streets. thhs is video &pof graham rahal and his high perffrmmnce race car flying through the air with tires out of contact with the earth. the driver then slams inno the fence and fishtails back
11:27 pm
across the straighttaway. race crews immediatell went in and pratt. on top of the pavement repairs, they lso added a series of turns that will keep speeds down throogh that section of the course. the drivers have asked race orggnizers to remove the turns ahead of thh grand prix tomorrow, we'll know at race time if they stay or go. a city bus slamm into the back offfive cars in north baltimore leaving several people injured....but the bus driver was not inside at the time of the crash.the ácharm city circulatorá, used heaviiy by grand prix visitors, was parked near north charles street and west mount royal avenue when officials say it rolled out into traffic and hit five cars sitting at a red light. the crash also damaged a building and a light pole. several people received minor injjries in the crash. investigators re still looking for the bus driver. little italy is hoping to capitalize on the grand prix
11:28 pm
crowds this weekend. weekend. after a isappointing turnnut last year, little italy is rolling out the red carpet for race fans. fans.tonight they had live music, bocce ball and of course, a porsche fresh off theerace track for people to enjoy. 3 gargano also says the coordinaaion between all of the businesses in little italy has really helped bring in customers. tomorrow is the make or break day for a lot of the ooerations relying on the grand prix to bring in business. 3 we have breaking nnws tonight out of washington d.c. embattled immigrations and customs chief of staff, suzanneebarr is resigning over allegations of lewd behavior. behavior. barr is at the
11:29 pm
center of a lawsuit against the ddpartment of homeland security. a group of men claim they were harrassed repeatedly by their female supervisors. thee claim napolitano's deeuty created a department of hooeland security. barr is also accused of getting drunk with pmpllyees and offering sex. even though she's resigned, barr sayssthe allegations are not true. a beloved member of an east baltimore communittyfor almost 77decades died in a fire early this morning.janice park tells us, one of reggie russell's fiial acts was pushhng his wife to safety. safety. "i saw the lights and i knew wrong""one of my neighbors told me reggie dddn't make it out, i juut started praying" neighbors on holbrook, say the street will never be the same. an early morning fire took the life of reggie russell...who has lived here for 68 years.
11:30 pm
friends say the man who took care of neighborrood children for decades...would push his wiie to safety: safety: right then and there he start pushing her" her""he wwnt oing what reggie would do, helping somebbdy else"but then he went back in, to put the fire out...kenneth stowers sits injured toddy, cuts and burns cover his bodyy he and another man broke a window and ran iito the home, hoping to pull the man out, they call a second father: father:"the fire was terrible, we tried to get in there, we tried"reggie was foond later by firefighters, lyingg lifeless in his doorway. doorwaa."you now where mr. heaven""and you know i'm glad n- when we had that block party, ww had that little bit of time" pn east baltimore, janice
11:31 pm
park, fox45, news at ten. a firefighter fell through the floor while fighting the fire. but he was immmdiately rescued and expected to recover. 3 a mother and her teenage son are killed whenntheir ford pocus slams into a tree in davidsonville. anne arundel county police say 36 year old carrie lynn desmond was driving with her 14 year oll son when she lost control of phe car around 10 last night. the car left the road on a sharp turn and slammed into a tree near 3600 patuxent river road, causinggfatal injuuies to both mmther and son. a 22 year old man is dead tonight after an early morning shooting in east baltimore. officers were called out just before 2 am to 1300 lakewood avenue. they found 22 year old darrien jackson bleeding from t least one rushed to johns opkins but died six hours later. homicide detectives are canvassing the neighborhood looking for clues to track down the shooter. 3
11:32 pm
the parents of a teennshot on the first day of school at week say parents should know what their children say on social media.....he also urgess young people to let an adult know if anyone makes a sinister statement... staaement... 3 //take sot//all i know is what happeneddis that danny was this point in time that's all i realll need to know...the parents of danny borowy.....the student shot on the first day of school at perry hall high.....speak out...//take sott/hh's scared but he also hhars what every tells him it has to be done theyr just trying to make him better so heecan go home..... august 27th....third period..... police say 15 year old robert gladden headed to lunch insiie the perry hall high school cafeteria..... pulled out a doubled barreled shotgun....and randomly
11:33 pm
fired....striking 17 year old dannel borowy in the lower syndrome..... he was rushed to shock trauma.....doctors say daniel suffered a bruised lung....and fractured rib....his chest muscles are damaged and there is a hole in his chest....//take sot// actually to e honest with you i had a sigh of relief at thatt biggest fear was that he wouldnt be there when i got here.....investigators say.....the suspect wrote on his facebook page before leaving for school that morning......that it was the first day of school .....last day of my life...... inside his back pack....a shotgun....21 rounds of ammo and bottleeof vodka...//take sot//the nly comment thaa i guess i will make on that is obviously he's a troubled young man...i hooe he gets the help he needs im not trying to be
11:34 pm
forgiving because we're hurting my son is hurting but that's for theelegal systee for the judges for all them to - do what they need o do... 3 3 we've learned the counselor jesse wasmer creeited with pinning the suspeet against a vending machine wenttto hock prauma last night to visit daniel....who tonight is in meantime......ladden will be charged aa an adult with attempted murder.... and other charges... a local pizza shop is also of the perry hall high shoootng. áserpico pizza and pastaá on bel air road in perry hall will be donating a percentage of their earnings this weekend to hell ouu ádaniel borowyá and hhs family. the company is assing support...any little bit helps. if you want to see the raa, uncut interview withhdaniels
11:35 pm
parents and hear what they have to sayyabout justice for their son. head to fox baltimoreedot com slash perry hall. you can also find the perry hall shooting under the hoo topics section at the top of our web page. a cherry hill pastor and activist says she's the target of vandalism.72-year old cleodd walker believes the people hired to protect residents... are now targeting her! the word "dead" and an on the hood of walker's car outside her cherry hill apprtment.walker belieees the vandalism was done in retaliation by some security guards who watch over the neighborhhod. walker ann &poohers recently filed a 25-million dollar lawsuit against the security company after complaintssthat some f the guurds were making illeggl stops and faase arrests. 3 3
11:36 pm
police are investigating the incident. we contacted the security company... tenable protective serviccs...but no one called us back. 3 after a deadly case of west nnle irus in baltimore county, the department of spraying for mosquitos this week. thh spraying will start on thursday in milford around 7:30 at night. during the spraying times, peopleewho live in the area are advised to stay indoors. 3 3&p"at first i thought it was a big pizza, ya know and that it was going to rise up oo somethinn i wasn't quite suree" no its not a shame. how much it weighs...ann how many &p a big fish stoor that's backed up y the video. how one man landee a 900 pound shark. what are you most thankfull riggt now? "that we're here talking to you." p a husband forced to leave his wife floating on a
11:37 pm
piece of debriss hhw thhs retired marine beat the odds and survived the risinggflood waters.
11:38 pm
çia÷ 3
11:39 pm
a rettred marine colonel and his disabled wife are trapped in thh riiing waters of hurricane isaac. he's &ppaced with tte lifeeor death decision of leaving hisswife floating on a piece of debris. rob marciano talked with thh couple that beat the odds storm.urvived the storm. coast guard choppers continued the work of rescuing victims of hurricane isaac. "we're directed by the sheriff's department to evacuate, buttwe couldn't get too far down the rrad beeore we got swwmped" joe and melanieebekeris ere caught by the storm surge in plaquemines parish. " the water was risinn inside the vehicle. the dogs were ggtting ery anxious, needless
11:40 pm
to say, we were too. we had cclled 911, they said stay with the vehicle. we ere trying to o that, but the water kept coming over and coming ovee and thennit started cracking theefront windshield and i thought the best thing was to get ouu." melanie's declining health made it difficult to eeacuate before the storm. and even more treacherous duuing the storm. "i had her wheelchair in the back of the bed of the truck, and so we were able to crawl throuuh the back winddw, i brokeeit out and set her up in the wheelchair, get her up and the water kepp coming ann kept coming uutil it eventually swept us both off aad then we were both in the water, estimated 10, 12 feet deep." joe's a retiied marine colonel. a strong wimmer, helping his disabled wife stay afloat. "she said i'm not going to make it, i'm not goinggto makk it and i said yes you are. we're going to make it (gets choked up)." he could now see dry land. ere only, couple, 300 yards from the leeee, which we could see the cattle walkinggon it.
11:41 pm
they managed to get to some reeds and otherrdebris to latch on to. she was already &pshivering an obviously gettin close to some hypothermia. so i tried to stabiiize her as poll, put anothhr piece of keep her elevated and i actually climbed over the reeds to get to the levee having o leaae his wife to run and get help was not easy. "that was the biggest decision i've ever had in my whole life to leaae er" but she was still there when he returnee with help. "considerrng her &phealth and her limited mobility, suue, i'm pretty proud of her and her ability to withstand the severity that we went through" what are you most thankful right now? "that we're here talking to you."" rescue operations are still happening round new orleanss tonight.rising waters are lapping against houses and cars are being left stranded. busessand dozens of high-water vvhicles are being used to thousands of residents still
11:42 pm
trapped by the floodwaterss a serious case of school bullying caught on tape at a washington middle chool... with the teacher leading the --nats of kids bullying-- bullying-- this is cellphone video shot by students during class. takeea closer look you can see the teacher poking his student in thh belly...then turning around and putting his botttm in his face.a pillow was lso placed over the students face and socks were teacher was suspended for 10- days and eassignnd as a substitute teacher. he says it was nothing but harmless childhood horse play. //but to//"we took what we e - disciplinaryyaction against the teacher." teacher."the school district nnver reported the incident to sheriff's department did find out and is now invessigating. the teacher has since been put on administrative leave. thh trial of a south
11:43 pm
carolina women whose son disappeared... has been put on hood so that she could deliver her second child. ázinah jenninnsá son has been missing since last november and prosecutors are trying to prove that she willfully abandoned him. but jennings said her son is in a safe place but won't say where he is. now a defenne attorney is asking the court to delay more testimony. "upon her rrlease from the medically checked to assurr that sse would be in a proper physical coodition for us to resume court and testimony." testimony." witnesses even testified that jeenings seem to lose interest in her son..evennkicking him and talking about getting rid of him. a family law expert says the newborn will likely bb giien to a family member. you might think the ccab cakes you makk at home are ppetty big and tasty...but waittuntil you see this one made attthe maryland state'll put your seafood patty to shame.
11:44 pm
3 (countdown for lifting crab cake) it tooo 9 hours to make and a lot of muscle to lift...but many say this tasty seaafod delight was worth the wait and the chance to witness history beinn made. "thaa's a ig crab cake so my old bayywent into that."today - at the marylanddstate fair...maryland's own handy interrational seafood achieved tte guiness world reccrd for the world's largest crab cake...weighing in t 3-hundred and a half pounds. "i think its really huge and i'd love to have it all."while many were amazed others weren't sure what it actually was. "at first i thought it was a big pizza, a know and that it was going to rise up or something i wasn't quite sure." well of course a crab cake of &pphis size couldn't be grilled pn any ordinary instead this huge device was custom mmde...with specific
11:45 pm
direccions. "and then we start and can pontrol the temperature by rotating every 5 minutes."bbt a small slip up could mean bbg "if ne guy gets off one way or the other or cocks one way or the other it'll destroy the cake or actually destroy the appearance of the cake." cake.""that's where it gets really tense yess so far we're two for two."luckily no mistakes were made today as the guys unscreweddthe stainless steel lid...while fans took pictures ann watch in nervous exciiement...all "mmm delicious look at all in. - that crab meat." meat.."ohh its so gooo its like the best i've evee had." well it seems like this crrb cakes size ddfinitely meaaured to its taste. it took 6 men to lift the more than 3-hundred pound crab cake...thht could feed up to 12--undred people.the cake beat out the company's previous world record by 47
11:46 pm
pounds.all the proceeds from maryland 4-h. a rainy end to our saturday niiht. night. let's go to mmteooologist emily gracey for a look at what's happening now. now. 3 some fisherman catch fish and others catch... áthisá. how long it took to reel in this mako shark. the saying is true that everything's
11:47 pm
bigger in texas. why this high school stadium as an even ábiggerá price tag. 3
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the remnanns of hurricane isaac have moved out of by the storm are just beginning to grasp the full magnitude of the devastation left behind. at least three deaths have been blamed on isaac in louisiana. brian todd visited the home where one couple stayed behind to ride out the storm... but did not survive. 3 it's still almost unapproachable, and dangerous. we have to navvgate around seeping natural gas.. and downed power lines, just to get near it. this house is where the ffrst two reported fatalitiee from isaac occurred... a ccuple, trapped inside. urban treuil, the fire chief here, knew them-- and had to pull their bodies out. (reporter: "do you think thhs coupll ever had a chance to get out, once the water started flowing in here?")


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